Flade (Flash Dynamics Engine) is an open source actionscript 2.0 library for simulating 2D physics using Verlet integration. It currently features rectangular, circular, & wheel primitives, spring & angular constraints, and surfaces composed of line segments, circles, & rectangles. It's designed primarily for games with a goal of speed and ease of use, and is MTASC -strict compatible.

Flade is written and maintained by Alec Cove.

The Flade project is now closed. Check out the new open source AS3 engine -- APE!

11-20-05: Flade 0.6 alpha is now available
11-13-05: Flade 0.6 alpha is in the works. Many improvements including new surfaces, primitives, improved API, & MTASC compatibility.
08-19-05: Flade 0.5 alpha released. Actionscript 2.0 port.
08-08-05: Flade 0.5 alpha is in development. AS2, and other improvements.
03-06-05: Release of flade alpha 0.4.
02-09-05: Initial release of flade alpha 0.3.

Download the latest release:flade_06a.zip
Please check here for new versions—I'm not hosting the project at sourceforge anymore.

Currently the project needs contributions in the following areas:
-Additional primitives & surfaces
-Performance tuning